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Physical Condition Doesn’t Matter In The Matter Of Comfort

September Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Comfort”

Indra Raj Pathak
1 min readSep 30, 2022


O comfort! How strange your ways!

Can you see the man sleeping in an awkward posture on his tricycle rickshaw?

It appears to be as comfortable to the man as sleeping on a king-size bed’s luxurious mattress.

Even a sultry breeze turns to soothing air coming from the air conditioner after back-breaking, perspiring toil of pulling a rickshaw in hot weather, and a gymnastic lying posture becomes the stretching of legs on the soft cushion.

Even most of us would be uncomfortable looking at the scene where the man is sound asleep.

It shows how contented he is with his tough task.

I am sure you must know somebody who cannot sleep without taking a double dose of sleeping pills on his automatic smart bed in a palatial beach house.



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