No, not all the same. These are integrally interconnected. You can say money is facilitator. Even the noble idea you are sharing with me is only possible because of money, we both are using some communication device with internet connectivity. For keeping health we need nutritious food, falling sick, require medicine and doctor. Further to secure good health, we need mental peace. Our more than 90% problems, money can solve. If we are leading normal life not ascetic, we have to perform our duties and responsibilities to have a free mind without anxiety for meditation to attract eternal energy and positive vibrations to explore spiritual bliss.

Money directly or indirectly takes control of most of the worldly problems. We know scarcity of money compel many to be dishonest, demoralized and involved in hateful crimes. Thus you can see money helps even virtue to stay intact as it is considered to be a kind of wealth.

Educationist by career, writer-poet by passion, thinker by nature, life long learner by habit, believes more in humanity than anything.

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