Five Reasons Favor Donald Trump Come Back to White House

The Ideology of Nationalism and Selective Pluralism in Politics Today

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Reason 1

Support of Religious Conservatives and White Americans

In 2019, 65% of polled American adults identified as Christians. The Pew Research Center 2014 survey in the United States has found 25.4% Evangelicals, 20.8% Roman Catholics, and 14.7% mainline Protestants. But Gallup reported that Evangelicals made up 41% between 2016–18.

Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh appointed to the Supreme Court,

Transgender Military bans and Muslim bans,

Defunding Planned Parenthood,

And creating a division of Religious freedom,

Trump has fulfilled his promises.

Gregory Thornbury argues, “Jesus himself pointed out, money tends to shut down moral inquiry.”

All the money is behind evangelical institutions is being given by Trump supporters.

Russel Moore, President of the Southern Baptist Convention referred to Trump as “an arrogant huckster.” And called the support evangelical leaders offered him “a disgrace”.

In 2020, eighty- two percent of white evangelicals are expected to cast their votes for Trump. Two- thirds of evangelicals believe. Trump has not damaged the decency of the presidency. Fifty- five percent agree with Sarah Huckabee Sanders. God wants him to be President. And ninety- nine percent opposed his impeachment. Trump has given evangelicals access to the President House that they never had.

The lower middle class, white voters are staunch Trump supporters. They want to build a wall( nativism) and drain the swamp(populism). Trump has a reason to claim. He has done his best to keep the wall on political agenda. He pushes through the anti- immigration agenda to appease 40 million white production workers. There are 29 million white voters without a degree to support Trump.

Reason 2

US Stock Market & Market

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A decline in the unemployment rate to 3.5% is sure to help the market. The more people earn, the more they spend.

Luck seems to be with Trump. A few months ago, reflation could be predicted with emerging market currencies and commodities. It is recovering now after a long recession period. Of course, there is the macabre effect of the Coronavirus which is boosting come back of the American economy. But suddenly, last week coronavirus damage starts alarmingly to affect upcoming economic data. The success of the present administration lies in effective handling of this outbreak.

Reason 3

Avoidance of International Military Adventure

Trump has avoided involvement in new foreign military interventions. And he is claiming to scale back what is left of the operations he took over from his previous jobholders. He is planning to withdraw/cut American troops from Afghanistan and Syria.

Reason 4

Increase in Workers’ wages and Decrease in Unemployment

American workers got a long-awaited increase in hourly wages by 3.4% during the Trump administration.

Reason 5

Invincible Power of Money

Donald Trump is the first billionaire president of the United States with a total worth of $3.10 billion as of Feb. 10, 2020.

In almost every big democratic country people are reluctant to cast their votes.

Maybe they have unconsciously convinced themselves. Their votes can hardly make a difference. A symptom of diseased democracy!

In consequence, fifty to sixty percent of voters go to cast their votes. Out of which only ten percent of voters by their free will. And forty to fifty percent by their personal interests. A candidate who garners close to thirty- five percent is the winner. And becomes the leader of the constituency/presidency with its hundred percent voters.

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