Deteriorating Health of Democracy globally needs your urgent attention.

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Democracy is passing through a challenging phase of disappointment. Its values are decreasing globally. The right to elect leaders in free and honest elections, freedom of the press, and the rule of law are under threat.

Worst of all, young people are losing faith and interest in the democratic scheme…

A never-failing technique to overcome Glossophobia

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Since my childhood, I heard people saying, ‘Oratory is an art.’ I have ever been fond of impressive speeches. I used to imagine myself delivering speeches among the tremendous applause of the audience. But whenever I got an opportunity to speak before a group of people. My heart began to…

The stronger the social relationship you have, the happier you are.

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Positive relationships with others are a crucial component of well-being. We engage in meaningful relationships that include correlative empathy, closeness, and warmth. To improve social connectivity, we have to be giving people, willingness to share our time with others. …

Married ladies stay awake whole night when their husbands sleep unconsciously.

Image by the author

If you are exposed to English literature, indeed, you might have come across Charles Lamb’s Bachelor’s complaint against the behavior of married people. It was written in half-cooked, quarter baked, and quarter unripe England of the late eighteenth century. His self centered biographical description of a bachelor’s plight enticed me…

You have the power to discard unhappy thoughts. You need no help from outside.

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Your mindroom is very different from a physical room. Mindroom has unlimited space. It is up to you whether you want to make it narrow or broad. Generally, we occupy limited space by following a particular pattern of thoughts, giving certain opinions, remembering the specific failures. Our mind has the…

Indra Raj Pathak

Educationist by career, writer-poet by passion, thinker by nature, humorous by taste, an empath by heart.

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