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A circle ramifying four roads, each going in a different direction, is common.

Some people are always perplexed when turning in a circle on the road toward their destination.

I’m one of those people who gets lost trying to follow their route because of heavy traffic.

All of the roads are in good condition.

Furthermore, it is our choice whether they are good or bad.

You frequently encounter dissecting roads in life that put your decision-making ability to the test.

In the absence of telescopic data, your decision is generally based on speculation.

The road not taken is always paved with appealing possibilities.

You will be happy if your second option succeeds in life.

However, if your expectations are not met, you paint a charming picture of the road not taken.



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Preventing a heart attack

Women can prevent heart attacks by crying. Their emotional vulnerability is the most noticeable feature of their anatomy. They never take anger, grief, or deception into their hearts, instead releasing the negative emotion through tears.

Ability to smile in times of adversity

Men in distress become angry or depressed, but women can still smile. During times of crisis, they can relax their minds and make better decisions. Because of this, they outperform their male counterparts as army commanders.

Power of Observation

Women have a better color sense and can see things men can’t. They have a fantastic photographic memory and can easily recognize a stranger’s face in a crowd. They can notice minute details in people’s facial expressions in a split second and remember them later.



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The line between ego and self-respect is razor-thin.

We often accuse others of having ego, but for ourselves, we call it self-respect.

Others are expected to be humble and accommodating; otherwise, they are labeled egoists.

It is possible for self-respect to be bent for a good cause.

Men of high status believe that taking public transportation is below their status.

When they cannot use their own vehicles, they happily descend to the level of the common man.

If ego dominates their mind, they will justify their actions, regardless of the consequences.

Thus, ego overpowers our mind like a ruthless dictator. It makes us stubborn and harms our prospects. We only realize our mistake when the situation goes out of control.

Ego prevails rigidity and blocks our understanding, whereas self-respect makes us flexible and sensible.



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The speaker’s confidence is the key distinction between truth and lies. At first, all listeners judge the statement by looking at the body.

Without a doubt, no one seeks confirmation.

Even when telling the truth, you may stammer occasionally.

As a result, both the truth and lies need speaking practice.

To turn a lie into the truth, you must look for corroborating facts and situations to prove your lie.

For example, if you tell your friends, “I get up at five in the morning,”

And one of those friends meets your chatty son, who reveals, “My father usually gets up around eight in the morning.”

Thus, when telling lies, you must evaluate the projected situation to make your lie a verified truth. This workout will give you unwavering confidence to tell lies.

Professional lies are no longer lies.



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Fear of ghosts is the outcome of horror stories consciously learned earlier. Generally, none investigates such stories because ghosts are said to have mysterious powers.

When we visit any location described in stories, the ghost information stored in our minds echoes. Then, in order to protect us, our brain instructs…



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