We are demonocratic, and anti-social barbarians

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“Democracy is a government of the fools, for the fools, by the fools.” George Bernard Shaw. I disagree with Shaw- “Democracy is a government of the politics, for the politics, by the public not the people.” By me. You will definitely enjoy what John Adams says, “Democracy… while it lasts is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”

Thousands of students agitating against ‘the bill to ban students’ union elections in the universities stormed all the roads leading…

Indian marriage- settled in Heaven and solemnized on Earth

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India is the greatest of all the countries in the world in terms of festival celebrations. There all the human activity is an auspicious celebration. They celebrate anything new purchased from bike to car, from a small piece of plot to a multi-storey apartment, from a new shirt to the mattress. They celebrate every visit to a temple, a new house, a new office, a new workplace, a new city. These celebrations may be culturally, socially, religiously coated or shaded with the mixture of the two or three.

Marriage in India is a heavenly union of two soul mates.

Indians make a wedding an exceptional occasion in one’s life because they…

Ikigai with Moai and Hara Hachi Bu can never fail to drop you at hundred.

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At 80, you are merely a youth. At 90, if your ancestors invite you into heaven, ask them to wait until you are 100 — then, you might consider it.”

These lines are written in Japanese on a small stone marker displayed in the village of Ogimi situated in the rural north of Okinawa island. Japan has currently more than seventy thousand people hundred or over. There are three thousand villagers in Ogimi, out of which fifteen are hundred years old.

Okinawa is one of five places worldwide that national geographic explorer Dan Buettner finds where people live the longest…

How to shake it off

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It was the fifth time in a month Stephen went to his alma mater to ask the website operator to update his current details on the Alumni page, but the lady told him. She was too busy to spare time to update because of one or the other reason. Someday there was an inspection, and another day, weak internet. Lethargy promptly invents excuses to hide inaction.

Mrs. Dolly’s kitchen containers

Since last month, Mrs. Dolly kept on fixing a day to wash and clean all the plastic containers big and small in her kitchen. She had to shift her Mission Clean task from weekend…

He madly loves eyes, lips, and nose.

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Let us innovate as our convenience demands a ransom of illogical abbreviation of Corona plus epidemic is equal to ‘Corodemic.’ I have got the word registered under my name following Intellectual Property Act.

More than a year under the dominance of a corodemic tyrant, we have changed as much worldwide as we changed in decades and decades. Mr. Corona unconsciously circumcised the hindering strap of the global rat race connected with deep thought. He liberated our cognitive erection to penetrate and ejaculate deeper into the canal of super-conscious awakening to impregnate with the unprecedented galaxy of ideas.

Peter divorced his soul mates- liqueur and tobacco.

Thinking minds always…

I give you my first lie — “I always tell the truth.”

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There is a thin margin between truth and lies. It is simply a game of transformation of sentences — from positive to negative and vice versa. Lies are kissable to all, high-low, rich-poor, weak-strong, ugly-fair, public- government. It is prejudiced to none like a professional harlot.

The great and noble history of BS

It seems to be a naked lie that lies were untouchables in the remote past. There are invented history based on preferential lies to suit the contemporary needs or fear of a kick on the ass of the historian or the wish of a whimsical sovereign ruler. Homer’s Troy, Continent Atlantis, the origin of…

They know about you from pissing to hissing, cajoling to swinging.

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When I was in High School, one day, I was bluffing my elder cousin showing myself as a studious scholar. I was carelessly playing with the pages of an English Grammar and Composition Book written by some incompetent author. Who plagiarized the list of idioms and proverbs from J.C. Nesfield. By chance, I saw a saying, “Don’t forsake your old friends.” As I read, I was scared. Because till then, some of my friends of the diaper and underwear era had been lost unconsciously. I was worried about how to reconnect my link with those friends.

Cruel bullies- Julia and James

I asked mom to…

A Flash Fiction

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The success of modern democracy lies in creating an illusion among the masses of a country that it is people’s rule. Democracy today is the government of shrewd professional politicians, by the robot voters hardly more than half of the total genuine voters, for those who hold black money or an ability to instigate mobs blessed with no brain.

Opportunistic Politicians and Short tempered People

Democracy empowers renowned self-seeking opportunistic ruling politicians to hoard enough money, resources and unduly obliged people to come back to power.

No doubt, masses in complicated segments in a democracy enjoy unbridled freedom to ventilate their dissatisfaction and anger against the…

A flash fiction

Photo by Dejan Zakic on Unsplash

Star-studded sky, intermittently twinkling, moonless dark light shrouded with yawning mysteries, silence pregnant with unprecedented possibilities. A rocky, vibrant land far and wide seems to have been abandoned, no habitation since time unknown.

A gorgeous lake adorns with its crystal clear water gives an authentic certification for not having been mated with humans. The virginity of the surroundings allures the youth seeking adventurous trekking.

Gleaming rays of milky light coming through the threshold of a distant cave being reflected on the lake surface. The grace and grandeur of the majestic mountain range around the lake, stamping the sublimity of its ethereal architect. Inside the cave, the infinite supreme emerging through an enlightened super-conscious human form.

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There has ever been a controversy between saying and doing, preaching and following, vision and reality.

Whatever we expect from others, we never do ourselves. Our statement varies from place to place and person to person. On the same issue, what we say within our family’s four walls isn’t the same as what we speak in society.

If you meet a person in an elite society having sober manners and noble thoughts, never assume you will find them the same in their personal life.

Why does a man need to hide behind a delusive covering? Perhaps he is so weak that he can’t see, hear and speak the truth.

Let us ponder over here an incredible insight of my dear learned friend George J. Ziogas in this story:

Indra Raj Pathak

Educationist by career, writer-poet by passion, thinker by nature, life long learner by habit, an empath by heart.

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